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us to trust turning power over to the government when there clearly are people in america who believe in establishing euthanasia including standards. >> let me explain what reform will mean for you and let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors reform will promote euthanasia or cut medicaid or bring about a government takeover of health care. that's simply not true. >>> welcome to the dog days of august. joe scarborough with you on "morning joe" along with the new and improved, back from northeast harbor, mika brzezinski, and just crazier than ever. >> she looks rested. >> she does. also we have willie geist here. >> willie. >> actually we on "morning joe" do support turning willie over to the death penalty but, i mean, it's nothing personal. we have to cut somewhere. we have to cut somewhere. it's like logan's run, they all about around in those track suits and then they walk -- you can live to 30 and it's a great life. do you remember it from the 1970s? >> do you know what i'm looking forward to is when the new administration takes power and you're trying to get an ambassadors
leading to the largest u.s. base in the country. the suicide attack killed at least three civilians and set several vehicles on fire. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in afghanistan and brings us the very latest. richard, what can you tell us? >> reporter: mika, i'm at the scene of that blast right now. it is on the eastern edge of kabul. it is apparently a british military convoy targeted by the taliban. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. right now i've been seeing british miller vehicles going back and forth between nato bases and the site of the blast. there are many soldiers and police here pushing back the crowds, trying to create space. taliban has said it would carry out a series of attacks leading up to elections on thursday. so far they have been doing just that. >> all right. richard engel. thanks very much. >>> in other news this morning, federal prosecutors say a federal government informant is behind the largest case of cyber crime ever prosecuted in u.s. history. albert gonzalez, along with two russian accomplices allegedly hacked
crossing the border. adrian joins us live from beijing -- she's not with us right now. we'll try to get back to her. pat buchanan, let me ask you. what do you think is going on here. can you remember a precedent for something like this? >> i think jimmy carter -- jesse jackson went into syria, i think, to get those two flyers back or one african-american flyer that had been shot down. i think jimmy carter went into north korea in 1994 to try to negotiate some kind of deal and prevent some kind of attack on their nuclear facilities. but it's a relative rarity. it tends to happen in democratic administrations, willie. >> joe, a fascinating choice, bill clinton, a man who kept at arm's length the obama campaign. what do you make of this. >> you hear a lot of obama surrogates still in the press. john conison, i wouldn't call tina brown a surrogate but certainly close to the clintons in new york to get more involved, more involved in health care. instead of health care, they are sending him to north korea. just for the record and i don't mean to be negative but i feel a need to bring this up
joe." it's morning in america. mika brzezinski with us. >> it's great to be a politician. >> pat buchanan in d.c. >> hi, pat. >> willie geist up in new york. mika, as you know, i twitter all the time -- >> right. >> and you have these people, this is the worst thing -- you know, buchanan and i and anybody else who's been out on the campaign, especially '93 and '94, we see those people all the time. i saw those people all the time in town hall meetings. they would sit there, scream and yell, you just listen to them. this has turned into such theater town. the people upset at the town hall meeting knows the cameras are on them. the democrats are saying, wait, let's try to make these people look like rabid dogs that want to blow up the world and republicans -- i saw a talk show i'll talk about last night where conservatives are ginning this up. i would say in 1800 thomas jefferson and james adams faced pretty hostile crowds. >> it's hurting the health care reform effort. it is. >> what i'm saying -- what do you mean by that? >> i think it's been very difficult for the white house to
. >> the debate has gotten serious. >> it has. harold ford jr., thank you for being with us. a good day for us. thank you so much. >> i agree with you. >> what did i say you could not agree with me about? >> i have to say i was told to say that. >> well, thank you. >> who told you to say it? >> someone told harold not to agree with me completely. >> on health care, i think you made the right point. this is a democratic issue, but the way you argued it i thought was very fair and very convincing. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> you think i look good? >> no comment. >> what are you, bill karins? >> savannah guthrie. >> you can sit a little bit closer. >> really? >> she's like, you know -- >> i just -- they said keep your distance from willie. that was the only advice they gave me. >> that was good advice. >> and willie geist, i have a bone to pick it you, sir. >> uh-oh. >> of course i don't wake up early enough to see "way too early." usually i wake up at 5:45, but i want to show everybody this picture you use when mike barnicle called in today. you know, i think most of us know that watch thi
. ron mott, thank you for bringing that to us. >>> the u.s. is calling on the swiss government to help with the release of three americans now in iranian custody. sarah shourd, shane bauer and josh have a faftal hiked across the border. the state department is in contact with the hikers' families but they do not know where they are. >> you might want to just not be -- the families want them home safe but places to maybe not hike. >> the alaska trail. >> the rockies are always available. >>> also in iran the supreme leader endorsing mahmoud ahmadinejad as president even as protests continue. the ayatollah's blessing clears the way for ahmadinejad to take the oath of office before parliament on wednesday. the obama administration says it will suspend the cash for clunkers auto rebate program unless the senate provides billions in additional funding. despite the program's popularity there is still some debate over whether it's a sign of economic recovery or more government intervention. >> the role of the federal government is not to run the useded car business. it's clear. you can look a
will be fighting against us and i said, looks give them pepsi cola. for the first time i realized i was right. >> you said blue jeans would take down gore chef's children. you were right. we want you to vote today. a lot of things going on washington d.c. perhaps the greatest question facing us all today is mika's dress too busy? e-mail us. i like it i.'s festive. john ridley, whose wife is from hawaii likes it. >> she e-mails early saying how much she likes it. >> it worked in miami. >> well, yes. so i guess it did work very well in miami. but we're in new york. >> yeah, we're in new york. >> anyway -- >> this could be a challenge by the way for people with high definition televisions. >> it might give you a seizure. did you see barney frank last night. >> i did. >> wait until you see this clip at a town hall meeting, just name-calling, chewing out this woman. >> it's not as if the lady didn't deserve it. >> no. but his comeback was impressive, i'll tell you that. >> we have a new msnbc poll not pertaining to mika's dress. we'll talk about the challenge the president faces, a big one. here's
to the u.s. state capitol and then buried at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. welcome to "morning joe." joe will be with us in a moment. savannah guthrie joins us again today. >> it was so moving with the motorcade from hyannis to boston. people on the street applauding. >> absolutely. watch the family say good-bye, moving, as well. curt anderson joining us, as well. >> happy to be here. >> the author of "reset, how the crisis can restore our values." first a look at today's top stories. >>> we have live pictures from the jfk presidential library and museum where a public viewing will continue this morning for the late massachusetts senator ted kennedy. already an estimated 20,000 people have paid their respects. they did that in a service that stretched long into the night. thousands more expected throughout the day before a private invitation-only memorial this evening at 7:00 p.m. >>> president obama will deliver a eulogy tomorrow at the funeral mass. before flying the casket to the capital. finally arriving at arlington national cemetery for a 5:30 p.m. burial. msnbc will have liv
on the job despite the scandal of an argentine mistress and questionable travel using state money. >> i'm not going to be railroaded out of this office by political opponents or folks never fans of mine in the first place or a different way, a lot of what's going on now is pure politics. plain and simple. >> he's hung in there. >> yes. i mean, mark has to know the only reason he's still in office, because his lieutenant-governor is a crackpot. people don't want him. i don't even know the lieutenant-governor. you talk to somebody from south carolina, what about the lieutenant-governor, they start laughing. >> the lesser of two evils, i guess. >> apparently. >> still going for old-fashioned baby name, it says here, according to the social security's administration analyst of the most popular baby names. >> what did you name your baby? >> george. just w. his name is w. the top three for boys, jacob, michael, and ethan. for girls, emma, isabella, emily, and savannah. >> and what about quasar. >> just outside the top 10. >> that's my middle name. >> bill is back with us. he will check on the
buchanan is with us. willie geist is getting in place in new york. on the front page of "the washington post," dick cheney -- oh, mike barnicle is in new york as well. this is perfect. hi, mike. are you grumpy? what's going on? >> i have an 8:30 a.m. appointment this morning with my death panel, and i'm preparing for it. i'm nervous today. >> you know how that goes. >> choose wisely on whose plug you want to pull. >> generate good energy. >> -- a senator would still go around and say something that's clearly not true. you have reason to be worried, our federal government shouldn't, quote, pull the plug on grandma. >> certainly shouldn't have a program to that effect. this is one of the guys that is not going to negotiate on the final deal, on the budget -- >> not anymore. >> they only had three republicans. >> it looks like the two citizens from maine that are the only voice of moderation remaining. >> one of the oldest states in the nation and he was anticipating the question that was coming. >> the 0 other story about dick cheney is on the front page of "the washington post." the stat
psychology is of this legislative deference. it's very rare we have a sitting u.s. senator elected president. you wonder if he's overall differential to congress. i talked to a democrat saying everyone is ringing their hands saying, maybe the white house should have written the legislation. he was going to get it however he did it. health care was going to hurt. it's a hard thing to do. you can second-guess the legislative strategy but this was coming either way. >> the problem with the president, and they may be right in the end, he's lost about 20 points in his approval rating. he's upside down on domestic policy. now he and his attorney general are weighing in once again on an issue that just absolutely eviscerated a lot of democrats in the spring, and that is the cia. they badly bungled that and now they are wading back into it. boy, bad timing. really, really bad timing. mika is off. speaking of bad timing, the guy that always has -- his timing always couldn't be worse. >> a hair off. >> always just a hair off. >> the building always blows up two seconds before he's about to -- willie g
of massive involvement without telling us how many troops, how many years, how many billions until we pass fi that country and make it a place that is pro-western democratic and where the taliban or al qaeda doesn't have a -- >> john ridley, he can't do that though. he doesn't know what's going to happen. what if he doesn't listen to his general and afghanistan blows up, then suddenly gets slammed by the democrats. the president has no good options here, none. >> i certainly can't think of a good option. i would hate to be an adviser in this circumstance because i think at its heart this is a war to be fought and won but there's fatigue from citizens and also you have so many domestic issues it makes it hard to execute the war -- >> that's the problem, isn't it? >> with so many domestic problems with the dollar potentially collapsing, with health care, these health care battles, people are worried about what's happening in kansas city town hall meetings not in kand da har or kabul. >> afghanistan was always meant to be this central front. this was what we went to war to. and it's not even ten
. we are all sleep deprived and very sick. for sure. >> the nation? >> oh, i was talking about us. okay, the nation. you're right. >> just trying to clarify. >> it was we here on "morning joe." all right. let's get a quick look at some of today's top stories. president obama heads west in his push to reform the health care system. he is set to speak at a town hall meeting where politico reports things could get more rowdy. tickets were handed out on a first come first served basis rather than a random selection by the white house. interesting. that definitely could get interesting. meanwhile, the obama administration is going viral with efforts to dispel rumors on health care sending out a chain e-mail penned by david axelrod. meacham, did you get one? >> i have not gotten one, which wounds me. >> you are wounded. savannah got one. >> well -- >> we'll she'll be on. we'll talk about it. i think it's interesting the town halls are moran domly selected in terms of the people coming. >> it arguably will shake things up. i watched the first one in portsmouth which felt very polite. >> so can
. >> joe, one quick question on this. well, two things. one, is bill clinton going to tell us the health of kim jong-il? i'm just curious. you see the picture, whether he is wasting away. now we've finally see him. >> that's a great point and something i'm sure our intelligence agencies can't even -- couldn't even get it more than bill clinton can. >> maybe that's the reason they decided to tell him. >> a lot of people wondering whether he's still there or not. barnicle calls him crazy every morning but really not only does he provide a great service by getting these two young women back but to be able to sit there and come back and report -- >> a three-hour dinner. that's what i was thinking, he's probably observing everything about him and what goes on at that dinner. >> you know what struck me, your very perceptive analysis -- >> and we're not used to that here. >> what would have happened had we had a former president able to go to tehran before the war in iraq began with saddam hussein for two or three hours and say this guy is a whack job, he has nothing. what would have happened?
're going to be going to david gregory soon, also anne thompson's in hyannis port. norah o'donnell's with us. chris matthews is here. and presidential historian douglas brinkley has been on the phone for some time. douglas, get your impressions and then go to chris. doug, what are your thoughts this morning? >> just from listening to mike barnicle he talked about the personal very well. i add to that the fact having dogs with him and playing chasm all the time and going to see ted kennedy you always felt like you were going to see a kind of person who was so nice to young people, people upwards in their careers or had questions. i'm impressed historically about the senate office. it became during the 1960s and '70s protest period in washington, d.c., kind of the place if you got tear gassed, he'd go to his office to get water and recoup. he had a high tolerance for dissent and allowing people, particularly that were protesting vietnam, veterans back from vietnam that had a beef with the way the war was going, to actually use his office as a living room at times. he did it so much it would fr
to trade in their gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient vehicles. for the first time in 4 1/2 months, u.s. journalists yeuna lee and laura ling will wake up as u.s. citizens as bill clinton negotiated their release from north korea. >> we were taken to a location and when we walked in through the doors we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end and now we stand here home and free. >> emotional pictures obviously of euna lee hugging her 4-year-old daughter. also some interesting politics going on. the relationship between bill clinton and al gore, mending a fence, getting over their past mrits. >> conflicts, barack obama and hillary clinton have had obviously in the past. bill clinton and hillary clinton as far as just one eclipsing the other, bill clinton and al gore and then of course north korea shooting back and forth in a war of words with hillary clinton. fascinating times. most people would think it would be good news but, pat buchanan, john bolton and some conserv
out the door. >> it was a month later that he quit. tell us why you're quitting. >> he quit a month later? that's pretty, that's pretty. -- >> december 1st i think he quit. less than a month after the election. >> that's better than staying a couple years and then -- >> when you hear democrats say that eric holder and the justice department should look back at the bush term and see if there are any egregious crimes committed, does this fall in that category? >> well, i was wondering whether yesterday after i heard this news and being really angry about it whether there was a crime connected to this. i don't think there is. but this is something that, obviously, will be a black eye on the bush administration for some time and going to be one more example of how george bush, if, again, this is proven to be true, that george bush played conservatives for fools. i'm going to give you small government, he didn't do that. i'm going to, you know, i'm going to protect you from the security threats which, you know, he did. but at the same time, there's so much overreaching. >> where were you
was the light of our lives, mother, wife, grandmother, sister, aunt, taught us by example and with passion what it means to live a faith-driven life of service and love to others. >> who said that to you. >> this is a spokesman for the family. >> eunice shriver. >> "time" magazine. >> to you. >> nbc news will have to say doesn't have this information but that e-mail was sent directly to mark halperin, "time" magazine, and certainly sad news. she had been sick for sometime. >> variety of ailments over a long period and hospitalized for the last week or so. the family had been gathered since early in the weekend. >> we'll continue with that sad news and information as it comes. >> nbc news will confirm is at well and we'll certainly cover her life and her legacy. mark halperin, thank you for that. keep us posted if you get more information. >>> back to news, divers in new york hudson river this morning to try and locate the final body saturday's midair collision of a small plane and tour helicopter. eight victims have been pulled from the water as newly released 911 calls detail the moments follo
another barrier and moving us yet another step closer to a more perfect union. >> i have to say this really quickly and go to the news. these votes obviously were votes for the conservative base. my question is what element of the conservative base were some of these senators trying to appeal to? and we don't know the answer to that. >> the president also yesterday was praising the senate for providing another $2 billion for the cash for clunkers program. while democrats hailed the initiative as a boost to the economy, many republicans argue the program is just another example of big government spending. according to a new gallup poll, the political discord surrounding president obama is only getting worse. 35% of americans now say the tone and civility in washington is worse than when the president took office. that's an 11-point jump from a couple months ago. in other news -- >> can you believe this, seriously, that here we are six months in, and i'm not blaming anybody, but we're six months in and after going through eight years of political warfare under clinton and eight ye
to see if that story, mika, makes its way back across the atlantic to the white house. somebody in the u.s. government had to know. >> i think it's worth a question or two. i hope it gets asked. big show coming up. >> mike's back, obviously, from an amazing weekend as well, a sad weekend. but i've got to say one of the more -- >> uplifting as well. >> -- uplifting funerals that i've ever observed. >> yeah, catholics know how to do it. >> you guys do. >> beautiful. >> we just say be dead and throw in the ground and that's it. >> throw a handful of dirt on the coffin, see you later, go to the car and leave. >> all right. >> we're going to talk about that after -- >> it's time for news. >> now, welcome back, mika. i'm so excited that i'm not going to interrupt your news. >> oh, right. all right. it is time now for a look at some of today's top stories. >>> a massive -- >> and it was massive. >>> a massive wildfire continues to spread outside los angeles this morning after claiming its first two victims. two firefighters were killed on sunday when their vehicle rolled down a mountainside. the
. weotototatatininci on us cars for everybody anont cfidedence ininin o. caususususlendnds s ve a a a t tcks. ququq n . progressive. call or click today. >>> president obama is taking his fam eel to yellowstone park to see old faithful, isn't that nice? meanwhile, hillary clinton returns from overseas to see old unfaithful. >> as a guy that knocks these guys for continuing to tell george bush jokes, i mean, my god, if you're bill clinton, you're thinking, come on. >> but then, again, you made such a clown of yourself in that department. >> maybe conan knows something we don't know. this very day, the 11th anniversary of the day that bill clinton went on national television on primetime and admitted -- >> now, that's going too far. >> you're celebrating the 11th anniversary -- >> 1998. >> let it be, let it be. let it be, let it be. >> let it go. >> move on. >> chief political correspondent for politico. he has a look at the playbook. happy anniversary to you, mike. >> happy monday to you, willie. we're publishing up our gerald ford humor around here. let's get to an exclusive story i
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